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  People say wonderful things about Pollen Burst. Here are just a few of the comments. You can read many more by simply scrolling down the page.

"I think the stuff is fantastic! ..   It's great! Love it!"

"..has given me more energy .., lifted my mood ... shave a half hour off my lap marathon"

"lost 27 pounds just drinking Pollen Burst"

"Pollen Burst is an amazing product. I would recommend it to everyone!!"

"Pollen Burst is an essential tool in my life!"

"I started taking Pollen Burst and it stopped the pain"

People love Pollen Burst for the wonderful things it does for their lives. Don't take our word for it, read what Pollen Burst users say themselves. Then you be the judge!
I own a gym in Santa Barbara California. I've been on Pollen Burst for about a month and a half. I have cut down my running time, my long distance run of 6 miles by three minutes, easy, and I think the stuff is fantastic! I have a ton of people in my gym on it and they're all happy with it. It's great! Love it!
Linda Robertson, Santa Barbara, CA


I go to the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis Maryland. I started using Pollen Burst in the spring of this past year. I am a tri-athlete. Pollen Burst gives me kind of a boost and allows my muscles to recover more quickly so that I can sustain a higher level of effort. I have qualified for world championships in Portugal and I was the fourth finisher for the US in my age group.
Brandon Secrest, Annapolis, MD

 Drinking Pollen Burst daily has enabled me to eliminate my afternoon run to Starbucks, has given me more energy throughout the entire day, has lifted my mood and helped me shave a half hour off my lap marathon time. Even more exciting is how Pollen Burst protected me from getting bronchitis after my last marathon, which was a first. I love it!!
Laura Snyder, Northridge, CA

Pollen Burst is an essential tool in my life! As a single mother of two children, I need to balance work and home on my shoulders and have the energy to "do it all". Pollen Burst not only helps me to have the energy I need but to stay healthy and keep up with the demands of my work and children. It is amazing how much better I feel!

And not only does it make me feel better but it offers a great way to make part-time income. I use Pollen Burst daily during the week and Polbax on the weekends. This leaves me with 8 packets per month to hand out as samples. Anytime someone mentions they are tired, I mention Pollen Burst. It has been easy to find customers. I wouldn't be without my Pollen Burst!
Jill Kralik, Michigan           RETURN TO TOP OF PAGE

Due to an illness, I gained 60 lbs in a very short period of time. I have been struggling to take it off for over a year. Nothing worked. In July 04, I started drinking Pollen Burst for energy; to my surprise I started losing weight. In just a month, I was able to get into my old jeans. In late August, people began asking me if I had lost weight. By September 20, 2004, I had lost forty pounds and was down from 210lbs to 170lbs. To date, I am down to 161 lbs.

Pollen Burst eliminated the number one problem I had with losing weight, hunger pains. It has helped me gain control over my eating and to actually reduce the amount of food that I eat. I have gone from three oversized meals, plus snacks a day to one normal meal and two very small meals and I am not starved. I am now looking forward to continuing my exercise program, without 40lbs of extra weight, and I am very excited to be getting back to my old self as I continue to lose weight with Pollen Burst.

Pollen Burst has also helped me kick a very bad Diet Coke habit. Since I started drinking Pollen Burst, I have completely eliminated Diet Coke. The energy that I get from Pollen Burst is very relaxing and does not have the extreme highs and lows associated with caffeine. Also, the energy from Pollen Burst lasts all day as opposed to a few hours before the caffeine wears off.
Barry Jacobs, Retired Firefighter/Paramedic, Culpeper, VA

I'm a hairdresser and I have a disease called fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is a disease that has widespread muscle pain and I have tried everything trying to help me get rid of the pain. I started taking Pollen Burst and it stopped the pain. I forget sometimes that I have it. Once I started using the Pollen Burst, I came to a point where I said; "I can not keep this to myself. I have to help some other people". I have told people like you would not believe. I have a lot of people who have arthritis who are just excited about life period because they are not hurting anymore. I thank God for Pollen Burst!
Glorious Trimarchi, Highland Mills, NY

What first attracted my attention to Pollen Burst was the immediate energy burst. I used to have a problem sticking to my workout routine. I felt too tired, but I thought that if I could only get started, I would have no problems. The problem was that ten minutes into the workout, I would be too exhausted to continue. Now I take a Pollen Burst before my workout and ten minutes later I have energy to spare. In fact, quite often I have to stop myself after an hour so that I don't overdo it.

But that's not the best part about Pollen Burst. It is the long-term health benefits that amaze me the most. I feel younger and more healthy than I have in years. Since taking Pollen Burst, I have not had the flu, a cold or any other illness. It seems that everyone around me is getting sick, but not me. It can only be because of Pollen Burst!, You will love it!
John Semltich, Ontario, Canada

I have been using Pollen Burst once a day. It has suppressed my appetite and I've lost weight. It is an amazing product and I would not go a day without it!!
Renee Hopkins, Sterling Heights, MI          


I lam 49 ½ years old and am an experienced long distance runner. I have been racing since I was 34 years old. I’ve recently run a marathon and have been using Pollen Burst and my recovery time has been so much better. My muscle soreness is gone within 24 hours. I have never ever felt as good as I feel today after a race. I highly recommend it to everybody I speak to. They ask me where I get my energy. Pollen Burst…that’s what I tell them!
Charmella Secrest, Anaheim, CA

I competed on the senior bowling tour for a couple of years and have competed against the top scratch bowlers in the northwest for over thirty years. Arthritis of the hands runs in my family and was threatening to end my competitive bowling career. For the last couple of years I have had pain in my fingers for days after competing in a weekend bowling tournament. I started taking Pollen Burst two months ago and have noticed a definite decrease in the pain in my hands and fingers after a tournament. Most days it is completely gone. Pollen Burst is an amazing product. I would recommend it to everyone!!
Darrel Colbert, Marysville, WA

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